What are your office hours?

Yamko Logistics is open from 7am-5pm pst. However, there is always someone on call to assist you with your transportation needs. We also provide services on night and weekend. 

What are your payment terms?

Our goal is to pay everyone within 30 days. However, we require help from our carriers in providing bol's and invoices as soon as possible to start our 30 day payment cycle.

Do you offer quick pay?

We offer quick pay on all loads as long as the carrier presents our accounting department with clean bills.  We charge 4% for same day quick pay, 3% for next day, 2% for one week, 1% for two weeks. Our cut off time for same day and next day quick pay is 10am pst. Our payment methods range from comcheck's to paper checks.   

Do you offer fuel advances?

Yes! We offer 40% of the load with a clean bol to verify the load has been picked up. There is an administrative fee of $25 to process the fuel advance.

What lanes do you service?

Yamko Logistics prides itself in focusing on FTL all across the 

You can call us at (562) 630-4500 or contact us on our web form at any time.

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