Yamko manages all modes of transportation, including:

Experts in Dry Goods, Produce, Steel, and Perishables

We specialize in transport of high value delicate freight such as produce, perishables, dry goods, and dry goods. Our drivers and logistics specialists understand the unique attention that these type of goods require. 

Direct Store Delivery Programs

Let us help shorten your supply chain with DSD. In today's modern fast-paced competitive economy, businesses must constantly search for ways to make every dollar count specifically when it comes to business critical areas like logistics, which, if not managed properly, can seriously impact your bottom-line.

Direct store delivery is a method of distributing products for a variety of industries, specifically food, beverage, personal care products in the consumer products industry, as well as wholesale and distribution, oil & gas, service industries.

The DSD business process is used by suppliers and manufacturers to distribute their goods directly to point of sale or point of consumption.  DSD is an great alternative distribution model to centralized distribution typically used for fresh perishable products where time in the supply chain is a major concern.  


Expedited Services for Same-Day/Time-Critical Deliveries

Yamko has your answer for time critical freight needs. You get access to our vast network of transportation options  specialized equipment, proactive communications, advanced tracking, and broad reach. 

  • Multiple transportation modes: air, surface, charter, and hand carry
  • Mode and route customization capabilities
  • Modern electronic shipment processing and tracking
  • Advanced shipment tracking accessible via the Web
  • Specialized equipment and value added services

Dedicated Fleet Services

Yamko has dedicated fleet services  and contract carriage which allow you to appear to have your own fleet, but not have any of the cost and liability of owning and maintaining your own transportation fleet.  Contact us today to get piece of mind of having your own fleet on call. 

Intermodal Drayage

We are experts in the transport of containerized cargo between ocean ports and rail ramps and shipping docs using multiple modes of transportation. We can ship via rail, ship, and truck without handling the freight when changing mods.  This method reduces cargo handling, reduces damage and loss, improves security, and allows freight to be transported faster. 

Overweight  Drayage

We move oversized heavy haul or overweight drayage of super loads, break bulks, ro-ro's, over height open tops, and flat tracks to and from the Port of Long Beach and Los Angeles Harbors. 

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Traffic Management

Let us help you take control of your costs, increase efficiency and reduce overall freight transportation expenses.

  • Carrier consolidation, selection, rate & contract negotiations.
  • Review all inbound and outbound goods for proper rating classification
  • Single point of contact for all carrier representatives.
  • Resources for out of the ordinary and unusual shipments
  • Regular consultation by an assigned traffic management professional.
  • Train staff on preparation of routing guides, vendor letters.
  • Preferred carrier routing monitoring  & control
  • Identify consolidation opportunities
  • Monthly cost savings reports.
  • Audit all shipments for misroutings, and opportunities for improvement in efficiency 
  • Annual review of program progress and recommendations for improvement
  • Review all goods, inbound and outbound, for proper classification, for rating purposes. 
  • Bonded Transportation

Identify consolidation opportunities

Transportation is frequently the largest logistical expense in your supply chain. Even in the most fine tuned operations there are almost always opportunities to minimize your logistical costs. Yamko stores and delivers products from a wide spectrum of food producers.

Yamko Logistics is often able to match compatible LTL product and destination requirements to form consolidated truckloads at a significant savings. The Yamko Logistics transportation team continuously monitors all phases of your shipment in order to ensure that your products get to their destination in a cost-effective and timely manner.